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Small Word is something new. We are a small press with big ideas - we want to publish high quality poetry and short stories, along with artwork and photography, in a petite but high-quality format. Imagine a regular fanzine for local poets and fiction writers, artists and photographers, along with a guide to literary events in your locality... in a miniature, glossy magazine or downloadable pdf.

Sound like your kind of thing? We’re currently looking for contributors for our fourth edition, entitled “A Small Word at the End of the World”, deadline 30th November 2012 for publication mid-December 2012. A set of contribution guidelines is available below; otherwise feel free to email and we’ll get back to you shortly. Please note that submissions should be limited to 5 pieces, sent as attachments to your email, NOT embedded in the text.

Click here for Submission Guidelines (opens in a new window - pdf format)

Exciting Launch News!

Yes! It’s here’s!

Allographic can finally and with much glee announce the launch of the third edition of Small Word magazine, our petite-but-perfectly-formed, A6 glossy magazine of poetry, storytelling, photography and artwork.


This will slowly fill with Allographic items, but for now, use this page to purchase the first, second, and third editions of Small Word.

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Very simply email us on and we’ll do our best to answer your queries.

Alternatively, you can try ringing us on 07904 488009 (it honestly works now - was a bit dodgy for a while...)


Small Word is an imprint of Allographic. Find out more here

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